About Anniesong

At Anniesong we are 'hobby' breeders, this is not a business. Our cats are tonk-to-tonk bred and are truly intermediate representatives of the Tonkinese breed, comprising an exquisite and equal blend of the Siamese and Burmese breeds from which they derive.

Anniesong Tonkinese is recognised for adherence to the breed standard and as such have been the highest awarded Tonkinese on the showbench in Queensland for the past 6 years, winning 'Tonkinese of the Year' across several councils.

Anniesong kittens are raised in the home-environment - (I do not keep cats in cages) and are socialised with children, dogs, birds and other companion animals. All kittens are handled extensively during their first few weeks and onward to ensure confident and outgoing personalities. I do not mass-produce kittens and my cats don’t owe me a living, I do not rely on my cats as a source of income, as I have a career that takes good care of my income.

Anniesong girls are bred on average only once a year, so I have very few litters for the number of cats that I have. But most of all our Tonks are our beloved pets.

Each Tonkinese kitten that leaves here for their new home at 10 weeks I consider to be an ambassador for the breed - Confident, outgoing temperaments are not possible if you breed too many kittens, or if they are not home-raised - mass-produced kittens are frequently fearful and poorly socialized. This, in my book can only do the breed a disservice. 

I breed all 12 standard colour / pattern combinations, and with our introduction of Cinnamon and Fawn, this expanded the possibilities to 18 colour/pattern variations.

If you are seeking a Tonkinese, be sure to check out the 'Buying a Tonkinese' page.

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