Links to other breeders, Tonkinese-related sites, and general feline related sites

Compatible Interstate Tonkinese Breeders.

The following links are to other Tonkinese breeders that work with compatible breed programs, ie; Intermediate Tonkinese, and all listed here are also home-breeders (I will not recommend mass-producers of Tonkinese kittens or kitten farmers) - So with any of the listed breeders you can be assured of Tonks with stunning temperaments that only home-raising creates.

Should you be in another State (or in NZ) and are seeking to add a Tonkinese (or Siamese/Burmese) to your family, the following breeders are thus highly recommended.

If you are looking for a particular colour, pattern or sex combination that we don't have, we may refer you to one of these trusted breeders, and you can be assured they breed the same type ie; to the same recipe, and have stunning-natured cats. 

Angistri Tonkinese 
New Zealand-based breeders of Tonkinese. Blaze and Leia both
hail from Angistri Tonkinese.

Jenny Lovering

Victorian-based breeders of Tonkinese & Siamese, specialising in stunning Reds, Cream & Tortie Tonks.

Heather Redmond

Western Australia-based breeders
of lovely home-raised Tonkinese, Burmese & Siamese Cats

Penny Van Kempen

KLM Cats (Tonkinese)Brisbane-based breeders of home-raised Tonkinese.

Kylie McDonald
Telephone; 0425 264 376


Associated breeders
The following breeders work with the other breeds that are associated with the Tonkinese breed.
Once again all breeders listed are highly recommended as home-breeders who produce healthy cats with amazing temperaments.
Should you be looking for a Burmese or Siamese, the following breeders are doing an amazing job of raising healthy and beautifully natured kittens.

Malu Siamese
Gold Coast-based breeders of stunning Siamese & Oriental Cats

Lynda Roper

Yahztak Burmese
Brisbane-based breeders of Burmese Cats, specialising in Cinnamon & Fawn

Louise Warren

Sydney-based breeders of beautiful Burmese, Siamese & Oriental Cats 

Bambi Edwards

Rafoej Cattery
New Zealand-based breeders - developer of Mandalay & Russett breeds and Cinnamon & Fawn in Burmese & Tonkinese,

Rod Hitchmouth


Tonkinese & Cat-related sites 
The following websites are highly recommended in terms of providing more information on Tonkinese and feline-related information;

The Feline Registration Council that Anniesong is registered with.

Feline Control Council of Qld.

The Messybeast
Amazing resource for all things cat-based - outstanding for genetic information.

Sarah Hartwell

MyMystic Tonkinese UK-based breeders of Tonkinese & author of Tonkinese books

Lynda Vousden

Tonkinese Breed Club UK-based Tonkinese Breed organisation.

Lynda Vousden


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