What to expect with an Anniesong Kitten

At Anniesong we are dedicated to breeding stunning and healthy Tonkinese kittens, that also adhere to the requirements on type, that are described in the breed standard.

Additionally it is an absolute priority that we breed Tonkinese kittens with amazing temperaments. And in recognising the value of a well-adjusted Tonkinese, all of our kittens are home-raised as we consider this to be the only way to ensure that kittens' personalities will reach their full potential.

Just like with people, no two Tonkinese kittens are the same in terms of personality, yet we strive to ensure all our kittens leave here with outgoing and interactive natures, and this is not possible unless each kitten is handled and interacted with daily.

We recommend that the only way for a potential buyer to determine whether a kitten has been raised in the 'correct' way is to be able to interact with kittens in their home-bred environment.

Thus prospective owners are invited to visit my home at all stages of kittens development, and once the kittens have had their first innoculations they can be handled by visitors.

Criteria under which we breed & raise our Tonkinese kittens;

  • Raised to develop outgoing & interactive temperaments.
  • Bred to be healthy & disease-free.
  • Reflective of breed standard
  • Health guaranteed

Socialisation of an Anniesong kitten

Being 'home-raised' - our kittens are exceptionally adaptable to the variability of their new owners living situation and will adapt well to living in a small unit just as much as they would do with a large house.

An intrinsic aspect of how we raise our babies is their exposure to other companion animals, enabling them to be highly adaptable to the company of other 4-legged family members. Our dogs have always loved and cherished little kittens and take on a nurturing role with them while they are here.

Molli babysits 4 week old kittens that are quite
comfortable in her presence.

Tazer enjoying a snuggle with Hazel,
one of our dogs.


 Anniesong kittens are sold with the following conditions & inclusions;

Desexing;  Anniesong kittens are generally available at 12 weeks of age. In recent times we have implemented early desexing on advice from our feline registration body FCCQ. Thus unless a kitten is being sold to a registered breeder this will now be automatic !

Indoor/outdoor;  Although it is not possible for us to monitor, we only like to sell to homes that will offer their tonk an indoor-only existence, and therefore we respectfully request that if you are looking for an indoor/outdoor cat, that you look elsewhere. Cats that are allowed to roam will live only 3 years on average and thus we consider the decision to allow a cat outdoors unsupervised, is a decision that the cat is disposable.... and we do not wish to sell disposable cats.

In breeding only a small number of kittens per year, Anniesong Kittens are loved and cherished while they are with us, each and every kitten we are personally attached to and therefore we want only the best for them with their new homes and families.




Anniesong kittens are offered as indoor only cats @ 12 weeks with the following inclusions;

  • Desexing
  • Parasite-free
  • Vaccinated x 2 (F3)
  • Microchipped
  • with Kitten-care Sheet
  • Health-guranteed (see terms below)
Weaning & adoption @ 12 weeks

Prior to our implementation of early desexing, our kittens were released to their new homes at the age of 10 weeks.

Our new policy means they are desexed at approximately 11 weeks old and spend another week with us recuperating before they are placed in their new homes, in order that sufficent recovery time is afforded to them before they have to deal with all the stresses of leaving their family and moving to a new home.

5 week old kittens posing
Anniesong Storm is on the right

Young Storm @ 9 weeks
with her mum Sienna


Cost for an Anniesong kitten;

The current price for an Anniesong Kitten is:
$1250.00 + desexing

Desexing of kittens will vary depending on their sex;  Males = $150.00
Females = $250.00

Thus total price for a desexed male is; $1400.00
The total price for a desexed Female is; $1500.00

Reserving an Anniesong kitten

Frequently enquiries come in for a specific colour, pattern & sex combination and this scenario often requires that the prospective buyer be willing to wait for a kitten of the required type to be produced. Thus such kittens are pre-allocated based on their colour/pattern/sex.

Other enquiries are treated on a 'first-in best-dressed' basis and kittens are thus offered once we know colour & pattern combinations, in the order that the enquiries were received.

Once a kitten is allocated, we require a deposit of $100 be paid when the litter is 8 weeks old to secure that kitten. Taking deposits is a new thing for us, and has become necessary due to the number of people that have booked a kitten only not to turn up at the last minute.






Health Guarantee

Anniesong is proud to stand by the health record of our cats and kittens and as such are confident to provide health guarantees for our kittens.

This Health Guarantee covers kittens for a period of 5 years from the date of their births. This guarantee ensures that should a kitten/cat die as a result of a congenital problem within 5 years then they will be replaced with a similar kitten of the same sex. (colour and pattern may vary based on the preference/availability)

Period covered by guarantee;

  • First 5 years of kitten/cats life.

This Health Guarantee covers the following;

  • Early death due to congenital problems (including heart, liver, kidney damage)
    Should there be veterinary intervention required, a refund will be made up to the purchase value of the kitten(s)

This Health Guarantee DOES NOT cover the following;

  • Day to day ‘maintenance expenses’ (food, worming, parasite control)
  • Annual veterinary requirement vaccinations.
  • Veterinary intervention due to; accident, poisoning, escape, exposure to any threats or danger ‘outside’ of the house (These kittens are sold as indoor only cats)
    Death of a kitten/cat due to; accident, poisoning, escape, exposure to any threats or danger ‘outside’ of the house.

Notwithstanding this health guarantee, it is incumbent on the owner to maintain these cats in the best of health, due to appropriate daily care and attention.

Please note; The Health guarantee becomes null and void should the owner decided that the cat is allowed to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Anniesong kittens are sold on the condition that they are to be kept as indoor cats only ..... and we cannot provide any health guarantees for a cat that is not exclusively kept indoors !

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