Anniesong wins; Best of Breed & Reserve Best of Breed / FCCQ 2016


Anniesong Tonkinese is proud to be awarded 'Tonkinese of the Year' repeatedly since 2010, with 2015 being the only year when due to absence from the showbench for most of the year, we did not attain that goal.

It is safe to describe Anniesong Tonkinese as being Queensland's most highly-awarded Tonkinese on the showbench, with Anniesong Tonkinese not just winning Best of Breed numerously, but also clocking up several Best-In-Shows' over the years we have been showing our Tonks, something that is considered extraordinary as an achievement for what is essentially a minority breed (ie; less represented on the showbench, or popular with judges)

2016 - the current 'show year'
This last year marked our return to the showbench and we have only exhibited under our own council FCCQ shows..

During 2016 we attended 6 shows all up, and our team for the year were; Anniesong Floyd, Anniesong Storm, Anniesong Amba, Anniesong Byron Boy, Anniesong Piper and Anniesong Bailey..... Later in the year we introduced Bryce and Skye to the showteam as they came of age see: Anniesong Show Results page Read More


Due to illness that characterised most of 2015, I was unable to attend the bulk of the shows during the year. In fact we only entered Anniesong Tonks in 3 of the 8 FCCQ-run shows. However despite the lack of presence on the bench, Anniesong Storm was awarded Reserve Best Tonkinese (FCCQ) for the 3 shows that she was entered, and this was an amazing achievement to beat so many cats that had attended all shows of that year.

At one show she did us proud when she was also awarded a Best-in-Show from the visiting US Judge.


The year of 2014 was a less busy one on the show-bench, and although by which time we had ceased to enter QFA-run shows, we still managed to attend 10 cat shows throughout the year and across 2 councils, Feline Control Council of Queensland (FCCQ) Cats Queensland (CQ)



2013 was a huge year for Anniesong Tonkinese on the show-bench, where we attended and entered 16 cat shows throughout the year and across 4 councils, Feline Control Council of Queensland (FCCQ), Cats Queensland (CQ), Queensland Feline Association (QFA) and Queensland Independant Cat Council (QICC). We were thrilled to be awarded Tonkinese of the Year in each of the 4 councils, with our boys, Anniesong Jagger & Anniesong Saxon being the stand-outs of the year.



The year of 2012 represented a relatively quiet year on the show-bench,  I only showed with; Cats Queensland (CQ) and Queensland Feline Association (QFA) and we didn't attend sufficient Cats Queensland shows to qualify for Tonkinese of the Year. However Anniesong Storm was awarded 'Tonkinese-of-the-Year' QFA for the second year running.


In 2011, we increased our presence on the show-bench, with Anniesong Storm joining her dad Anniesong Pharaoh, representing Tonkinese in the 'Adult ring' and we entered our tonk team in cat shows across 3 councils, Feline Control Council of Queensland (FCCQ), Cats Queensland (CQ), Queensland Feline Association (QFA). 

We were excited to be awarded Tonkinese of the Year in each of the 3 councils, with Pharoah & daughter Storm battling for supremacy !



The year of 2010 was a ground-breaking year for Anniesong on the show-bench,  We only showed with; Feline Control Council of Queensland (FCCQ) and Queensland Feline Association (QFA) Anniesong Pharoah was awarded 'Tonkinese-of-the-Year' by both FCCQ & QFA

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