At Anniesong we are dedicated to showing our Tonkinese and have been regulars on the Queensland
show-bench for the past 7 years.

There are 4 Queensland registration bodies that all run their own cat shows, and over the years we have shown variously under all of those 4 councils. However it varies as to which council shows are entered in any one year. 2016 marked our return to the showbench after a hiatus, generally forced upon me due to ill-health that compromised my ability to show in 2015. This last year we limited our showing to the FCCQ show circuit.

Showing is expensive, time-consuming and requires both great dedication and commitment - Cats need to be bathed in advance and show cages prepared: The show days themselves can be long and arduous, and are often a fair distance from home ... and often I question "why am i doing this?" ... but when success is achieved funnily enough all those concerns go out the window !

We consider there to be multiple benefits
to showing,
that include;

  • Advancing breed awareness
  • Sharing the amazing temperament of a 
    'home-bred' Tonkinese
  • Recognition of Intermediate breeding
  • Promotion of Prefix
  • Bragging rights

On the Bench - in 2016

Anniesong Floyd

Gen-2 / Fawn-Mink

Anniesong Storm

Gen-3 / Chocolate-Mink

Anniesong Byron-Boy

Gen-3 / Lilac-Mink

Anniesong Amba

Gen-3 / Cinnamon-Mink


Anniesong Piper

Gen-3 / Chocolate-Point

Anniesong Bailey

Gen-3 / Chocolate-Mink

 Anniesong Tonkinese

Show-Team / 2016

We are very proud of our 'Show-Team' on the bench this season, and as the season has progressed we have retired from the bench; Floyd, Amba & Piper, but have been joined by Bryce and Skye.

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(for all show results in 2016 check out ... 'Anniesong Show Results' page ) Read more

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