The manner in which kittens are raised is critical to their development of personality & temperament - Early, regular and gentle handling are all key to how interactive a Tonkinese will be as they mature. And while every tonk-kitten is different in nature and no two are identical in character, our responsibility is to ensure they all leave as confident and outgoing kittens, in order that they reach their full potential of the Tonkinese temperament. At Anniesong we are proud of every little character that leaves us to bring joy to their new family.

Here we share our testimonials that we receive from our Tonk owners - We've also established a closed group on Facebook called 'Clan-Anniesong' where adoptees of Anniesong babies can share pictures and strories of their new tonk-family members. I like to think this testimonial page will also give insight to new and prospective owners as to what to expect from their Anniesong babies.

so here's a sample;


Anniesong Ripley - owned by Sumita J


Anniesong Maya, Luna & Phoebe - owned by Sharon B


about Maya
 .... Anniesong Maya is a kitten who from the day she was born was larger than life - At 5 weeks of age we noticed that her left eye wasn't developing normally and was swollen. After several weeks of veterinary intervention and treatment her eye was not improving, thus requiring surgery to remove her bad eye. It was decided that once she was recovered from surgery she would be given to one of our current owners and we were thrilled to receive several offers to adopt her. Sharon who owns Luna & Phoebe was chosen as the most suitable and at 14 weeks she left Anniesong to cause havoc in her new home.

"Our Tonks Luna, Phoebe & Maya mean the world to us. They have come from a loving, caring Breeder - Vincent from Anniesong Tonkinese, who has ensured they are all given the best breeding & loving care, as well as early integration with humans and other animals. 

They have all had extremely good health and we have had no major vet issues with them. Our 3 girls have been reared from kittens in our home/office and they are wonderful company and have sweet temperaments. They do not scratch or claw and children and adults alike adore them.

'Luna' (Anniesong Aspen) - Seal-Point / Gen-2

'Phoebe' (Anniesong Argus) - Lilac-Point / Gen-4

They are outgoing, friendly, loving, as well as having very individual personalities. All of our three are different. Luna (6) is noisy, zany and insistent. Phoebe(6) is quiet, loving, but extremely independent and ultimately the BOSS of the cat household. Maya is still a baby at (1) but is the sweetest (most insistent & mischievous) of the three. We love them all and they are our fur-family and office cats. We have even converted non-cat people to the point where reps who visit now bring our cats gourmet cat food as a gift when they call in. Such is the strength of their personality and their affect on other people! .... And they complete our family !"

Sharon B

'Maya' (Anniesong Maya) - Fawn-Mink / Gen 3

Luna & Phoebe - unaware their world is about to be
turned upside down by the 'Mayan' invasion.

Sophie & Izzy - owned by Cheryl P

"I share my life with two of the most beautiful companions that enrich every day, Sophie & Isabelle (affectionately known as Izzy). These two beautiful girls are from Gracie & Tazer who have the best qualities from mum and dad. Sophie is the image of her mum and has inherited her calm, no worries attitude to life, loving, always there and helps keep the peace in a multi-cat and dog home. Izzy looks just like her dad and has his loving 'I just want to be next to you and head-butt you with kisses' attitude to life.

I have been a passionate Tonk owner since 1998 and have found Anniesong Tonkinese to be the most dedicated and sincere breeders. My life has been so enriched since becoming an Anniesong family member.

Cheryl P

'Sophie' (Anniesong Anise) - Blue-Solid / Gen 2

'Izzy' (Anniesong Angelica) - Lilac-Solid / Gen 2

Pepper & Jarvis - owned by Billie-Jay P

Thank you Vincent for our best friends Pepper & Jarvis. After three years, the siblings are still wonderfully well adjusted and our constant companions.

Pepper is the supervisor of all household activities, connoisseur of cheeses and deli meat,  protector of unwitting human victims of the shower and she gives the best cuddles with her deep vibrato purr. 

Jarvis is extroverted, energetic and playful; he demands attention and shoulder rides every evening, brings his toys for a robust game of fetch...but only until bed time when he will call us for sleep and snuggles.

These two light up our lives every day.  We couldn't for a minute imagine life without them. Thank you again.

Billie-Jay P

'Anniesong Pepper' - Chocolate-Mink / Gen 3

'Anniesong Jarvis' - Chocolate-Point/ Gen 3


Bryce & Chewy - owned by Judith M

What a joy they are! They love us unconditional and Chewy has developed the following traits:

  • It is my right to be very naughty:
  • It is my right to be cute while I am being naughty so you can't tell me off:
  • I am only little, don't pick on me
  • I am cute, don't you just love me
  • If you tell me off, I will bite your ankle when you are not looking;
  • Life is meant to be lived and boy, am I living it!

'Annieong Bryce' - Chocolate-Mink / Gen 4

'Anniesong Chewy' - Blue-Solid / Gen 5

His coat is still very soft and he and Bryce have exactly the same eyes.

Bryce is such an angel.  He has totally taken responsibility for the young trouble maker (except when there is trouble and the he knows to disappear and leave the blame right where it belongs!!!

He is such an elegant cat and knows how to give the look to visitors so that they are assured that he is the good child of the family!

They love travelling in the car and in a couple of weeks we will take them to Woodenpong for a few days camping - not expecting any problems there.

We are also trying to train them to use the loo!!  What fun???  Chewy is very good as he was always lazy about covering up anything (he thinks its women's work!!),  But Bryce is struggling as he is so 'elite' (we just don't talk about these things in public!)

We so love them both and we are indebted to your breeding management techniques for allowing us to enjoy the best ever Tonkinese we have ever owned.

Judith M

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