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This website is substantial in both it's content and information, and where possible we have created links between different pages to fascilitate the most logical flow of information. This website comprises in excess of 37,000 words and thus should you wish to read all then it's likely that you will be here for a while.

The drop-down menus have been arranged for ease of access to relevant information.

Where you see the 'read more' button (below) it will take you to the most relevant page.

(for more info on Anniesong, check out ... 'About Anniesong' page) Read more

Most images can be scaled-up in size for more detailed viewing; if you hover the curser over the image and the border appears as orange, this indicates that the image will scale-up when you click on it.

Please remember that all content with the exception of a small number of images that we have sourced, are the copyright of Anniesong and we will rigorously and regularly check that no content, including; images, illustrations, diagrams & text, are plagerised or stolen from this site.  Should you wish to utilise any of the intellectual property contained here, then please get in touch and we will look at applications on an individual basis.

This Website is a work in progress and we will continue to add content over the next while. The galleries you will see are currently yet to be populated but will eventually comprise substantial number of images dedicated to each of our beloved cats. We will also have some exciting new additions such as a video section incorporated in the near future.

We hope most of all that you will enjoy this website and all it has to offer.


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